Flower Shop Opens in August!

324 North Fairground St., Marietta, GA 30060

At North Marietta Parkway close to downtown

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Discover Our One-Of-A-Kind Flower Shop

Exploring our flower shop is so much fun, because you’re going to discover unusual floral designs you’ll never see anywhere else!

You can choose your favorite vase, indoor or outdoor planter,
and we’ll create a floral design within it on the spot!

That makes Atlanta Planters your first choice for finding a special gift for a loved one or friend, or a fabulous unique planter to decorate your home or business.

Indoor Planters

Choose your favorite planter or vase, choose your favorite flowers or plants, and we’ll design it on the spot to take with you!

Outdoor Planters

Tell us your favorite plants, choose your favorite planter from our vast selection, and we’ll design it on the spot! We also have a large selection of ready-made planter designs to choose from.

Gift Ideas

There are many exciting gifts ideas to discover at our Atlanta Planters store in Marietta.

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